Another tap Dance from Charlie Dent (R-15 Pa)

Charlie Dent today held a telephonic town hall meeting.I entered this town hall meeting after calling Charlie’s office to ask some questions related to H.R. 3 and how he intended to vote. I have been calling for charlie to come out of hiding for two weeks and face his constituents. The first question that I asked when I was informed that this “town hall” was going on was how were the constituents of the district informed about the “town hall” as they were required to call a special number and enter a pin code. I did not receive an e-mail, a mailing, a phone call, I checked the news paper of record provided to Me by Representative Dent’s office (The Morning Call) after the telephonic town hall I even went so far as to call the news paper of record to verify that no notice was give about this town hall.

So why is it for two weeks Charlie Dent has been hiding from his constituents and decides to hold a telephonic town hall with what appears at least on the surface to be a selected audience? That is a question which I will seek an answer to later.

After leaving My questions relating to H.R. 3 with Representative Dent’s office, using the telephone number and pin number provided I tuned into the telephonic town hall, Where I listened to Charlie do his usual Republican two step. During the entire time I was on the phone before Charlie had to end the town hall to case his vote on the H.R. 3 rule Charlie failed to give a single direct answer to a question. When Charlie did attempt to answer a question his answers were filled with nothing less than half trues and talking points. For example he was asked about coal and other energy sources and did nothing but criticize the EPA a favorite target of the Republicans. He also took the opportunity to promote the lie that there is such a thing as Clean Coal. The fact is there is no such thing as clean coal. If one goes to  Institute for 21st Century energy a site owned and run by the chamber of commerce one can find the entire agenda of Charlie Dent when it comes to energy. This agenda is nothing but “concessionary financing, direct loans, loan guarantees, lines of credit, and insurance products,” and a series Government Sponsored corporations similar to Fannie May and Freddie Mac which serve the public at large and are under attack yet the chamber calls for those types of agencies to support business. The relevant sections state for example this is from the chamber“Therefore, we make a very important recommendation: to create a United States Clean Energy Bank,” this is but one example read the full report here: .

It is time for Charlie Dent to stop his tap dance/Republican two step and face his constituents or at the very least answer question in a straightforward manner without all the half truths and out right lies. Charlie in My Opinion and I will say it again My opinion you are unfit to serve and should resign.


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