More lies from Charlie Dent (R) 15th district Pa.

Charlie Dent in his statement on the passage of the Ryan budget States ““Rather than raising taxes to solve our budget predicament, as the President recommended in his FY12 budget proposal, H.Con.Res. 34 closes tax loopholes and eliminates special deals to guarantee federal revenue remains consistent and dependable.” Reading of the bill passed does not show a single tax loophole that is closed or a single special deal that is eliminated. The full text of H.Con.Res. 34 can be found here the fact of the matter this legislation does not even mention a single loophole of special deal.

Representative Dent in his statement also says “H.Con.Res. 34 establishes a fact-based budget that addresses our nation’s troubling fiscal situation in an honest and trustworthy manner.” A reading of H.Con.Res. 34 shows not facts therefore it can not be a fact based budget and there is nothing that could lead anyone to the conclusion that it is an honest or trustworthy effort to deal with the deficit. In fact the deficit increases under the Ryan budget. Balance is not achieved for some forty years and then starts to increase again. This is not an opinion by the figures contained in the budget just passed.

Dent further states ““This budget also reforms federal safety net programs to ensure promises made to older Americans are kept and coverage is available for the next generation of beneficiaries.” Again this budget contains no specific reforms. There is a sense of congress statement, there is a policy statement, there are assumptions (unsupported by objective facts or documentation) but there are no reforms. I can only assume that like Senator Kyle of Arizona, Representative Dent did not intend this to be a fact based statement.

This writen statement by Representive Dent on his official Website is designed to mislead his constituants and can only be viewed as one thing an outright lie. Statements that misstate the facts when done with malace and forethought can be nothing but a lie.

It is time for Representative Dent to resign so that the constituents of his district can have the opportunity to gain honest representation from some one who is not bought and paid for.

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