Charlie Dent is hiding from constituents

It appears that Representative Charlie Dent (R) 15th district Pa. Doesn’t want his constituents to know who is buying his votes. Not that one could blame him. After all if you are suppose to represent some 200,000+ people and only answer to a few people most of whom do not live in your district. I would be hiding to.

So the question has now become who or what are you hiding Charlie? Who are you meeting with that you feel the public or your constituents do not need to know about? What deals are you cutting behind closed doors Charlie? or is it a woman that you are hiding?

Instead of being in Washington doing the work that the people of his district are paying for, Representative Dent is on his fifth fund raising tour. His wasington office claims that Charlie is working in the District, meeting with constituants and holding town hall meetings to discuss issues of concern to the poeple he is suppose to represent. The funny thing is that should a constituant call his office to find out the location of these meetings/speaches etc. as I did today this information is not forthcomming.

It seems that Representive Dent has no intrest in seeing or hearing from anyone except that selected audiance that provides him with funding. The congressman fails to remember that once elected he also has a “DUTY” to those who may not have voted for him or support him. But Representive Dent has demonstrated on numerious occasions that the concept of “DUTY” is beond his comprehinsion. There is a similar concepts that Representive Dent also lacks even a passing aquantance with and that is the concepts of “Honor”, ”¬†Intergraty” and “Honesty”.

So what concepts are Repesentive Dent familar? How about theses “Extortion”, “Theft”, “Bribery”,and “Conspiracy” it seems that these are concepts that good ol Representive Dent has more than a passing aquantance.

The bottom line is even if Representive Dent is not on another two week vacation, he is also not meeting with a large body of constituants. If in fact Representive Dent is meeting with constituants at all he is meeting with a select few that can purchase his votes in the house to his and their benifit at the expense of the majority of those who he represents.

So back to the start of this blog. Representive Charlie Dent is hiding from his constituants. Now the question is Where is Charlie hiding and with whom is he meeting. Who is buying his votes or with which female/male is he getting lucky?

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