Why the Supreme Court needed Bush to be President.

In 2000 The conservatives on the Supreme Court anointed George Bush President of the United States in violation of the Constitution. At the time these ultimate protectors/interpreters of the constitution knew and with forethought and malice knew that they were violating the Constitution for political reasons. This acknowledgment was stated in their decision which declared that the decision would not serve as a president.

One would ask why would the ultimate protectors of the Constitution violate it with malice and forethought? The simple answer is to preserve the right wing majority. The conservative majority knew that Justice O’Connor wanted to retire and had previously stated that she would not retire under a Democrat President. The court also knew that Chief Justice Rehnquist was in poor health and would most likely not survive another term (Which he did not) this would leave two appointments to the court by a Democrat President even with one appointment the balance of the court would have been changed, two appointment would have reversed the 30 year campaign of the right to under cut and rewrite the Constitution through the courts. The conservatives on the court needed George Bush to be president.

With the anointing of King Bush the court was able to preserve their “Conservative” majority on the court and have sense taken every advantage to over turn established president, limit or nullify constitutional rights (the court has all but voided the fourth amendment).

All one has to do is look at recent decisions of the court to know that the court is attacking the constitution at it’s very core. Lets start with the decision of Salia’s refusal to request himself in  Cheney v. United States District Court for the District of Columbia(2005). There is no one including conservatives that believe that there was not at least an appearance of bias. It is not only the absents of bias that the courts must be concerned with but the appearance of such bias. I a reasonable person can come to the conclusion that under the circumstances a judge may be biased then the judge must recuse himself to do other wise under cuts the public’s faith in the court. Justice Scalia has undercut the countries faith in the court multiple times and is unfit to serve. Bush v. Gore, and  Cheney v. United States District Court for the District of Columbia (2005) are but two examples.

Another example of why the conservatives need Bush was showen in the recent case of  Citizens United. It has been a long sought goal of the “conservatives” to make unions illegal and under cut the rights of citizens to free association while promoting the power of corporations.

The anointing of King Bush allowed for the retirement of Justice O’Conner and the appointment of Justice Alito in her place and the appointment of Justice Rodgers in the place of Justice Request upon his death thus preserving the continues march of the “conservatives” to eliminate the very rights that the constitution is intended to preserve.

It is a long stated maxim that an “Individual has only those rights which he can defend.” Those rights are slowly becoming indefensible thanks to the “conservatives” on the court. The fourth amendment has become all but void thanks to the “conservatives” on the court. If a police officer cannot find an exception to the fourth amendment carved out by the current court then that police officer is incompetent. Now thanks to a recent decision by the five “conservatives” on the court a man can be deprived of his freedom for years with it’s inherent cost in money, property, quality of life, and the impact on his family with impunity. I believe it is the fifth amendment which states “nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law;” this is no longer the case in the United States thanks to the current court.

Thus the “Conservatives” on the Supreme Court need George Bush to be President in order to continue the “conservative” destruction of individual rights in this county in favor of states rights.

For the good of the country the entire court should resign as the country no longer has faith in their integrity. Or as an alternative there should be a Constitutional Amendment to limit there term to 15 years. The reason that the founding fathers instituted life time appointments was to remove politics from the process and it worked until now. The court has become nothing more than an extension of the Republican Party any objective reading of the decisions out of the court sense Bush can lead to no other conclusion.

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