Republicans Declare war on women

Yesterday house Republicans declared war on the women of American. In particular poor women.

Republicans held our soldiers hostage in order to force a vote to defund planned parent hood. Planned parent hood provides essential preventive health services to large numbers of women who are poor or of moderate income. Services such as pap smears and  breast exams for example. Had the Republicans not been stopped by the Senate the unintended consequences of their actions and the cost in the lives of women are incalculable. The increase in unwanted pregnancies, increased poverty among already economically disadvantaged women etc. What type of mental defect do Republican have that makes them believe they must punish the poor for being poor. Why do they believe that they have the right to make chooses for others and punish those who disagree with those chooses.

This declaration of war on women is just another step in the Republican 30 plus year program of creating a peonage in the United State and their attempt to return to a time when the company owned the homes of their employees, the stores they shopped in where they extorted the wages of their workers.

While there are Republicans that believe aborting is morally wrong which the have every right to do it is equally immoral to deprive women of necessary health care. Republicans argue that some one should not have to pay taxes to support something they find morally repugnant and have passed laws to prevent that at least in the case of abortion. There are tax payers who find the war in Iraq morally repugnant yet are compelled to support that war through their tax dollars, there are others who find the Republican transfer of tax dollars to churchs¬† equally repugnant yet are forced to see their tax dollars go to Churches through the “faith based initiative” the fact is our system does not allow everyone to allocate their tax dollars to programs they like and withhold them from those they do not.

With this declaration of war women join the old and disabled along with the poor as an undesirable group in the minds of republicans to be deprived not only of health care but any quality for life at all.

I say it is time to send Republicans such as Charlie Dent (R) Pa., Paul Ryan (R) Wi. to the unemployment line.

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