The Emperor has no cloths.

After listening to Emperor Ryan (R) Wi. and watching the proceedings of the budget committee the other day, I decided that more research was in order. The results of this research so far will be the subject of this post.

The first question or questions that came to mind is who is Paul Ryan and what makes him qualified to be Emperor of the United States. So I went to his the bio on his congressional website. Which reveals nothing but there is always google and Wikipedia. So who is Paul Ryan? Well our boy Emperor Paul worked as a marketing consultant an economic analyst for the family business. Can we say nepotism?

Further reading shows that poor Paul now remember there is a family corporation, and his father was a lawyer I’m assuming a successful one collected benefits from one of the programs his is seeking to kill (Social Security). It must be nice to collect Social Security benefits and be able to save them, most of those I know who collect Social Security benefits can barely make ends meet. Of course that may explain why he wants to eliminate social security after all he collected a benefit he didn’t need so no one needs those benefits.

So after working for the family business what did Emperor Paul do? Of course he went to work for a senator. Then another Senator and then a Congressman. Then he became a Congressman himself. Now most people I know who work for Senators and Congressmen are like Browne in the Bush Administration they are there not because of what the know but who they know or as payment for services preformed either by themselves or by members of the family or both. The point is Emperor Paul has been sucking the government tit his entire life.

Ok so by now your asking yourself why would someone who has been sucking the government tit his entire life what to kill programs that allow him to suck that tit. The simple answer is so he can keep sucking the government tit in the form of tax reductions for himself, his family, and is friends. Can anyone say bought and paid for?

Next I shifted to Emperor Ryan’s “The Path to Prosparity” as I was reading this document and sifting through the Bull to get the substance thing started to jump out at Me. Although not the first item a major one was the table entitled “A contrast in Budgets” in this table under there is an item called “Jobs” and it states in part  “According to the Heritage Center for Data Analysis, help creates nearly 1 million new private sector jobs next year” OK fair enough for their to be an analysis there has to be objective evidence and assumptions i.e. specifics. Reading this analysis would allow Me to form an opinion as to the credibility of the plan at least as it relates to jobs. So where is this analysis? It’s not included in the plan as an appendix. There are no foot notes providing a link to the analysis that is to say there is nothing but a bear statement that the reader is suppose to accept as fact.

Now Me being the particular type of ass (Missouri Mule) that I am, I have the SHOW ME point of view. So  as I was saying Me being the type of ass that I am. I googled the Heritage Center for Analysis and searched for an analysis of Emperor Ryan’s “The Path to Prosperity” and could not find one. So still being and ass I called the Budget Committee’s office and asked the committee staff representative (Alex Studdart) for a link to the analysis a pdf copy something, I’m still waiting. The Emperor is loosing his cloths.

OK failing to obtain a copy or link to that source I moved on in the document.  Then under the heading “Auto Pilot” I came across this statement “Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid all face structural problems that are driving them – and the country– into bankruptcy.” This is where Emperor Ryan shows himself to not only be without cloths but to be a liar. I can at this point only address Social Security but a half truth is the same as a lie. So what are the facts about Social Security?:

1. Social Security has not added a penny to the deficit.

2. Social Security has had a surplus i.e. has taken in more money than paid out every year sense 1983 (See Greenspan Commission and this shows that not only did social security run a surplus but that at the end of the Clinton administration not only was there a budget surplus but the publicly held debt had been reduced by $401.5 billion.

3. The first budget year of the Bush administration the Republicans including Emperor Ryan produced a $717.1 billion defect. (559.3 surplus plus -157.8 deficit equal 717.1 billion more than revenues) for those who need a number line start at 559.3 on the positive side and move to -157.8 and determine the interval. So where did this 717.1 deficit come from? Hint the 2001 tax cuts. This 717.1 deficit includes a 159 billion Social Security “SURPLUS” making the actual defect 876.1 billion. But somehow according to Emperor Ryan Social Security is driving the country into bankruptcy?

This is just the first stage of My analysis of Emperor Ryan’s plan as I have not completed reading the plan. I get side traced by the footnotes etc. and seek to objectively analyse the plan. So now I am reading the GAO Audit report cited. Here Emperor Ryan is again not being totally forthcoming.

Stay tuned.


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