Is there something in the water that Republicans drink?

Is there something in the water that Republican drink that makes them incapable of the truth? Sitting here today watching events unfold on the 2011 budget and the possible shut down of the government I watched yet another Republican Congressman tell nothing but lies and half truths.

In this case it was Representative Micheal Grimm (R) of New York. Yesterday Representative Grimm was provided three opportunities to fund our soldiers and military absent politics. The Representative instead choose to use our soldiers as an instrument of blackmail.

The Republicans added $32 billion to the deficit in December by forcing the extension of the Bush tax cuts for those earning over $250,000 per year. Now when we are talking about over $250,000 we are not talking about gross income but adjusted gross income. That is after all the special carve outs and deductions, and does not include income from such things as treasuries, and municipal bonds (Tax Exempt items). So now adding to the deficit Republicans claim to be seeking to reduce the deficit in fact what they are doing is paying for those tax cuts on the backs of the old, disabled, our soldiers etc. But that is not enough Republicans want to carry out their social agenda through our budget. The want to silence any voice that advances any thought that does not with their philosophy or their efforts to promote economic slavery in this country.

Representative Grimm touts the fact that he was an undercover agent fighting political corruption and now has become a corrupt politician himself. In my mind this raises a question about his very integrity to begin with and did he become corrupt after coming to office or has he been corrupt from the start.

In any case using our soldiers as an instrument of blackmail is contemptible and reserves a special place in hell for the Congressman.

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