Charlie Dent uses the military as an instrument of blackmail.

Representative Charlie Dent (R) 15th district Pa. is using our soldiers as an instrument to blackmail the Democrats. The Republican majority is planning to shut down the government and in doing so will bring hardship not only to the old, disabled, government workers but our military as well. In order to avoid what they know will be the fallout of their calculated decision to shut down of the government Rep. Charlie Dent and other Republicans yesterday voted for a one week continuing resolution to fund the government for one week and the  military through rest of the year. The Republicans could have funded the military in a separate bill but that would not have allowed them to use our soldiers as an instrument with which to blackmail the Democrats into agreeing to the 12 billion in cuts required by the resolution and the policy riders that they placed in the resolution.

Charlie Dent has in the past claimed to be a supporter of the military and our veterans, but as with all thing actions speak louder than word. Charlie Dent is no friend of the military or veterans. Charlie Dent will use our soldier and veterans for his self promotion and to continue his sucking of the government tit. It is time to tell Dent to pack his bags and ask Grover Norquest who he has sent into masturbatory heaven for a job. Perhaps working for a living for once in his adult life will provide him some perspective.

Yesterday Charlie Dent had three opportunities to vote for a clean resolution to pay our soldiers and three time vote to deprive our military of pay so that he could continue to use our military as an instrument of blackmail. Dent has shown that he is devoid of character in fact I will say that Charlie is lower than a snake in a wagon wheel rut. It is time for Charlie Dent to resign and provide the voters of his district the opportunity of representation by someone other than a bag man for Grover Norquest, The Chamber Of Commerce, and the Koch brothers. Charlie you have disgraced yourself and this country.

After Meeting Charlie and numerous conversations with his staff I have come to the conclusion that Charlie is not capable of telling the trueth or developing a single thought that is not feed to him.

Charlie resign!

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