GOP Declares War

Well it appears that My predictions of the GOP going to war with the poor and middle class i.e. the workers of this country are coming true. Not only have they declared war on the poor at the federal level they have also declared war at the state level as well.

Governor Scott Walker Republican of Wisconsin, Governor Kasich Republican of Ohio, as well as Republican Governors in several other states are seeking the complete destruction of unions in the United States. This destruction is nothing less than total war on the workers of America and a shift of power to organizations like the Chamber of Commerce and the Corporate Elites. This is combined with reductions in spending for roads, schools, health care and infrastructure in order to finance tax reductions for the business community and those who earn their income from stocks and bonds i.e. the top 1% of Americans.

Not only are Republicans seeking to promote economic slavery in the United States they are also seeking in some states to maintain their control for the benefit of the elite by promoting legislation that will take away the right to vote from those who would vote against them. in New Hampshire the Republican State House Speaker William O’brian wants to take away the right to vote from college students because the vote ”¬†liberal” put another way I don’t like the way you vote therefore I will not allow you to vote. This is nothing less than a direct attack upon the very foundation of this country.

The war on the American public is being carried out not only at the federal level but at the state level were ever Republican have gained even the slightest advantage. Even should these Republicans be ejected from office in upcoming elections the damage that they are inflicting on the American public will take decades to reverse. This is demonstrated by the example of Health care reform. After defeating health care reform during the Clinton Administration more than sixteen years ago Republicans sat back and did nothing. Although Republicans claimed to have a better way then as now nothing was forthcoming. Today after passing through the House of Representatives a bill to repeal health care reform and replace it with better solutions Republicans have failed to produce a single alternative measure. By their own admission they are in no¬†hurry to offer alternative “Common Sense” alternatives. In fact all the Republicans desire is to turn back the clock to the prior status Que.

While I have just scratched the surface of this Republican declared war on the 85 to 90% of Americans who work for a living and who’s income comes from wages for the benefit of those who earn their income off the backs of others and inheritedwealth, more is to come. This war on the workers has just begun, In the coming months you will see every spending reduction in the budget transferred to the top through more tax reductions benefiting the top 1% and corporations. The transfer of resources that belong to the American people as a whole to the Corporation for their benefit and the extraction of what ever wage that those on the bottom receive. There will be a shifting of the tax burden to the wage earner as wages become the only source of revenue that is taxed or the tax system is change from one on income to one of consumption. In either case the tax burden will be shifted downward and economic slavery will become the norm.

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