Senator Dianne Feinstein Continues to undermine the Constitituion.

Today Senator Feinstein (D-Ca) has demonstrated that she is unfit to serve as a Senator of this great nation. Today she has silence the voices with whom she does not agree and sought to challenge her repeated attacks on the Constitution of the United States.

This is not the first time Senator Feinstein has been instrumental in not only the violation of the Constitutional rights of Americans but the instigator of such actions. It appears that the Constitution to Ms. Feinstein is subject to the whim of select elites such as herself. Ms. Feinstein being a plutocrat believes and has actively pursued policies that are designed not only to diminish the rights of the average American but to eliminate them where ever possible to her own benefit and the benefit of select groups or countries i.e. Israel that promote her world view at the expense of every one not included in her select group.

A close examination of the Senators biography raise the question did she use her position as chairman of the Senate select committee to gain immunity for those telecoms that were complicit in the illegal wiretapping of vast numbers of Americans for her own financial gain. Not only did the good Senator gain immunity for the telecoms she blocked the disclosure of the name of the companies involved depriving the public of the opportunity to terminate their relationship with those companies. While protecting the profits of those companies it deprived the public of the opportunity to make an informed choice and insured that future violations would occur if they are not on going in nature.

It also appears that the fine Senator has no objection to the arrest without charge and the indefenate detetion of American citizens with out the right of Hebeas Corpus, the good Senator stated that there has not been a single violation or abuse of the National Security Act resently based on information that she and only a select few other Senators were allowed to see. Not a single violation this in and of it’s self does not pass the smell test. There is a smell coming from the good Ms. Feinstein and it is not the smell of roses but the smell of corruption, deceit, and lies.

This blogger has never been identified as a right winger, conspiracy theorist or even a liberal activist so the reader can take it for what it is worth. I would submit that Ms. Feinstein is a greater danger to this country than Bin Laden ever was. The Senator is engaged in warfare against the Constitution of this country and the individual rights of ever American in the advancement of Plutocracy.

When the office of the good Senator was contacted and asked to address current issues and her actions related to the rights of citizens her staff did not even deem a resposone. The good Ms. Feinstein’s staff believed it was below their dignity to answer questions from the public.

While Ms. Feinstein won reelection I would submit it is time to take a closer examination into the affairs of the good Senator.