Down to Brass Tacs

Today former Gov.  Mitt Romney (Vulture Capitalist and parasite) selected Rep. Paul Ryan (Economic Terrorist-WI.) to be his running mate as he seeks to be President of the United States.

After his speech I was once again compelled to see if anything had changed to clarify on how he was going to deliver on all the fantastic promises he is making i.e. elimination of the deficit in eight years. Preservation of Medicare, a patent centered health care system, and the list goes on and on.

Lets start with Medicare first. I returned to Mittens web site and found that basically there has been no change in his talking points but lets go over them one by one and see what we find.

1.Nothing changes for current seniors or those nearing retirement. The first question becomes how does Mittens define nearing retirement? The terrorist Ryan made his cutoff point age 55. Meaning those who are at the lowest end of the economic scale will have been paying into the system assuming they start work at 16 for some 39 years will be forced to accept a voucher that may or may not cover the cost of health insurance. While Mittens has not provided sufficient detail to evaluate the real impact of his vouchers we do have an evaluation to terrorist Ryan’s plan from the CBO (see Rep. Ryan(R-Wi) Screws the elderly to the tune of $30 Trillion. Which has determined that it will cost low and middle class seniors as much as 90% of their income in out of pocket expenses by the year 2020. Just how does this protect and preserve the system? This becomes a major issue for those on Medicare who are not seniors i.e. those under the age of 55 or even 65 who are disabled.

2.Medicare is reformed as a premium support system, meaning that existing spending is repackaged as a fixed-amount benefit to each senior that he or she can use to purchase an insurance plan. See my comments and questions from above as they apply here. Additional questions would be. Will this fixed amount be adjusted for increasing costs? We all know that costs do not and will not remain static. If so how will these increased costs be indexed? Thus the reason for CBO making a determination that the “Ryan Plan” would eventually consume as much as 90% of a seniors income. 

3.All insurance plans must offer coverage at least comparable to what Medicare provides today. So eleven years from now when those who are 54 now become eligible for Medicare they will receive just those services or level of coverage that is available today. So there will be no advances in care? No new procedures? Or is it that those who are at the low end of the economic scale today and in most cases will be most dependant upon the Medicare system will have to accept a lower level of care than the Romney’s and the Ryan’s?

4. If seniors choose more expensive plans, they will have to pay the difference between the support amount and the premium price; if they choose less expensive plans, they can use any leftover support to pay other medical expenses like co-pays and deductibles. Translation: Low income and middle class will have to accept a lower level of care or face even greater out of pocket expenses. There is no doubt that insurance companies will construct plans to provide the lowest level of service and extract the maximum amount of premium support.

5.“Traditional” fee-for-service Medicare will be offered by the government as an insurance plan, meaning that seniors can purchase that form of coverage if they prefer it; however, if it costs the government more to provide that service than it costs private plans to offer their versions, then the premiums charged by the government will have to be higher and seniors will have to pay the difference to enroll in the traditional Medicare option. This is yet another fraud. So just how will the cost to the government be computed? Which private plans will be used to determine if it costs the government more to provide the service than the private plans? Where are the details necessary for a true evaluation of the merits.

6.Lower income seniors will receive more generous support to ensure that they can afford coverage; wealthier seniors will receive less support. Again this is just a repeat of the Ryan plan for the destruction of Medicare. What will be the maximum level of support and what assurances will their be that this support will be sufficient to provide the necessary level of coverage and service without reducing those entering with limited mean to abject poverty?

7.Competition among plans to provide high quality service while charging low premiums will hold costs down while also improving the quality of coverage enjoyed by seniors. This point is based upon what objective evidence? First each plan will have pressure to increase profits while reducing costs. Second while Mittens claims that there will be rationing of care from the government, there can be no doubt that there will be rationing of care from the private insurance companies. This rationing is happening every day. Further I still want someone to explain to me how supporting the overhead and administrative cost as well as the profits of some 100-god knows how many thousands of for profit or even so called not for profits will be cheaper that the overhead and administrative cost of a single entity.

Well this post is already to long so I will leave other issues like deficit reduction and tax policy to other posts. As for the issue of Medicare it is now up to Mittens and the terrorist Ryan to provide more to the American people than simple platitudes and statement to be taken as fact. Despite his claims of superior knowledge the parasite Romney is doing nothing more that providing financing for his zero tax on the leisure class policy on the backs of the old, disabled, poor, and middle class calling it entitlement reform. Every benefit paid for by the poor and middle class must some how be converted to finance the leisure class i.e. the parasite Romney and the terrorist Ryan.