Compelled birth is not Pro-Life

Fresh from taking control of many state legislatures during the 2010 mid-term elections those who would turn the United State into a Theocracy every bit as repressive as the one in Iran or that imposed by the Taliban in Afghanistan have begun their march to end personal freedom in the United States in the name of a “Christian Theocracy”.

Using innocuous names such as “Person-hood USA” and portions of the Declaration of Independence the theocrates have started a movement to Compel the birth of every single fertilized egg, end birth control, and promote what will become a pro-death agenda. While I do not advocate abortion and do not promote abortion, I like many other reasoned persons who have attempted to examine the issue from all prospectives and in lite of the personal freedoms guaranteed in our Constitution have come to the conclusion that the Theocrates cannot prevail and maintain the promise of America. These Theocrates would have the United States return to a time that never existed in the United States and inflict upon the American people horrors not seen sense the inquisition.

The theocrates who have you believe that their proposed amendments would do nothing but protect a fertilized egg and insure that birth is given. That seems simple enough but lets examine some of the real impacts and consequences of such legislation.

Scenario one lets assume for a moment that a young lady goes out to a party and is given a substance without her knowledge or consent (such substances are know as date rape drugs) and this young woman just happens to be ovulating at the time thus resulting in a fertilized egg. The amendments as proposed would require this young lady to give birth to a child that she did not want and through no fault of her own will be compelled to bear. While there is an argument that the fertilized egg has a right to life as with all questions of rights there is a trade off when rights of a person come in conflict with those of another. While the fertilized egg is innocent so is the young lady in question. Under the proposals of the theocrates it would be those of the fertilized egg. So just what rights must this young lady surrender in order to satisfy the theocrates? Well to start how about her right to not to be subjected to cruel and unusual punishment?(8th amendment) What was her crime? What about her right not to be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law? (5th amendment). I am sure that the reader may have questions about this one so here goes. As to life there is a possibility that some condition may arise that places the life of this young lady in question i.e. cancer (Which would require cemo-therapy or some other treatment that would harm or kill the fertilized egg), Liberty there is no question that the requirement that this egg be carried to term would effect the liberty of this young lady and in fact may require lifestyle changes that would not other wise occur. As to property there is no question in any persons mind that giving birth requires resources which may or may not be available and resources are in fact property i.e. money is property. With the issue of property another question is raised. Who is to bear the cost? Is this young lady to bear the cost of prenatal health care?, Nutritional Changes? etc. These questions are not answered or addressed.

This could go on and on and this post is not intended to be a research paper on the unintended consequences of the current fraud from the theocrates but to simply point out that the plan of the theocrates to turn the United States into a theocracy is ill conceived and not pro-life and in fact is a pro-death and pro-poverty agenda.

As all ways I look forward to your comments and an open dialogue on the subject matter presented.