Pat Toomey (Terrorist Pa) and GOP Extortion

First I should provide some insight into what “Extortion” is so here is my first contribution to that insight 1.EXTORTION:noun blackmail, force, oppression, compulsion, coercion, shakedown (U.S. slang), rapacity, exaction He has been charged with extortion and abusing his position. As indicated extortion is the act of using “Blackmail”,”Force”,”Oppression”,”Compulsion”,”Coercion”, and the list continues to extract a price from someone or some body that could not other wise be achieved. Senator Toomey and his Terrorist partners have become experts in extortion. Sent to Washington to represent the interests of in the case of Pa. 12,702,379. Terrorist Toomey has chosen to instead represent the interests of some 400 to a 1,000 people many of whom do not even live in Pa. This is not unique to Terrorist Toomey but is prevalent throughout the Terrorist organization known as the GOP.

The most resent act of Extortion/Terrorism about to be inflected upon the American people by the GOP Terrorist and by Terrorist Toomey upon the 12,702,379 residents of Pa. comes in the form of H.R. 3630 — Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2011. This piece of legislation is designed to extract billions from the poor and middle class of this country and the economy for the benefit of a few rent seekers. The rent seekers in exchange for providing an extra $19.25 per week to those earning $50,000 per year or $961.54 per week will be rewarded with millions in extracted or extorted revenues. Now the GOP Terrorist will claim that this extortion/terrorism on behalf of the rent seekers in necessary to “create jobs” and “reduce the deficit”. The simple fact is despite all the benefits that have been delivered to the rent seekers during the past 10 years the rent seekers have done nothing but demand more from the GOP Terrorist organization and wreaked havoc on the United States economy. Perhaps this would be a good time to explain the concept or provide a definition of “Rent Seeking” The following comes from
Definition of ‘Rent-Seeking’ When a company, organization or individual uses their resources to obtain an economic gain from others without reciprocating any benefits back to society through wealth creation.Read more: Investapedia goes on to provide the following :An example of rent-seeking is when a company lobbies the government for loan subsidies, grants or tariff protection. These activities don’t create any benefit for society, they just redistribute resources from the taxpayers to the special-interest group.
Read more: While the GOP Terrorist cry and complain about “Redistribution” of income, picking “Winners and Losers” and “Class Warfare” they promote and engage in those very activities on behalf of the very few at the top. Some how work for wages is to be frowned upon and those wages are to be extracted and transferred to the “Rent Seekers”. Should you earn your income not from labor also known as work but instead from trading in financial instruments that produce nothing you are deserving of low or no taxes, while those who day to day work for wages should pay the freight.

While I could and have lived without the $19.25 per week that the payroll tax cut provides and I fully expect to live without it again. I can not live with the Extortion/Terrorism that the GOP Terrorist and the Terrorist Toomey are inflicting on the country that I love and have served, While the “Rent Seekers” continue to extract more and more at the expense of the average American.

While the benefits of “Rent Seeking” continue to increase at the expense of work/labor with the aid of Terrorist like the Terrorist Pat Toomey and the benefits and security that come from work/labor continue to decrease the promise of America is slowly being destroyed by the GOP Terrorist and the “Rent Seekers”. The Terrorist Toomey is himself a “Rent Seeker” and has every motivation to sell out the 12,702,379 people he claims to represent.

The Terrorist Toomey is free to respond at anytime and explain his pro “Rent Seeking” activities and his anti “Work” agenda. I have repeatedly asked him to explain his position on his Terrorist Activities and he has failed to do so, perhaps now would be a good time for him to provide something other that his form letters that explain nothing to Me, the 12,702,379 people that live in Pa. or to the 308,745,538 people who live in the United State, many of whom are today going to work for wages or looking for work while he advances the interest of the “Rent Seekers” and engages in Extortion and Terrorism. It is time for the Terrorism of the GOP and the “Rent Seekers” to end.