Ryan’s Perscription for Death

In 1994 the GOP terrorists killed the Clinton health care plan claiming that they had better ideas to reform the health care system. After killing the Clinton plan these terrorist sat back and did nothing to stem the ever increasing costs of health care or to improve the system. The GOP did pass HIPA (The Health Insurance Portability Act) which did nothing to make health insurance portable or to reduce cost. In fact the only thing the Act did was increase the paper work imposed on health care providers and patients. So for sixteen years the GOP terrorists did nothing despite having majorities in both the House Senate and control of the White house.

When President Obama again attacked the problem of health care once again instead of coming to the table and working on a solution to the problem the GOP terrorist stalled, fought against, and told just plain lies in order to inflame their base. These lies lead to the AstroTurf “Tea Party” a creation of Former GOP terrorist from Texas Dick Armey, Karl Rove, and the Koch brothers. For all the claims that the “Tea Party” is grass roots the simple fact is they are a creation of the right and a fraud. But back to the point.

Failing to kill health care reform the mantra became repeal and replace after the 2010 elections. While the House has voted to repeal health care reform to date they have not put forth a single piece of legislation replacing a single component of the current law. These terrorist have no intention of replacing the health care reform law with anything but death. (See earlier post Repeal no Replace).

In ride Paul Ryan the terrorist from Wisconsin and his plan to destroy Medicare and Medicaid thus condemn seniors, the disabled and the poor to death. Here is how one of his constituents put in in a resent town hall meeting “I could not survive on the proposals in your policy,” Drath said. “If they’re put in place, you might as well put a gun to my head.” (read the full article here http://www.balloon-juice.com/2011/11/01/town-hall-attendees-heckle-paul-ryan-and-his-very-serious-budget-again/. As I pointed out in an earlier post (see Rep. Ryan(R-Wi) Screws the elderly to the tune of $30 Trillion. ) As was pointed out by the CBO health care would consume more than 100% of a seniors income over time. This is in effect a death sentence for seniors and the disabled who just survive on Social Security. The impact on the poor who rely on Medicaid would be just as severe, The terrorist Ryan calls this courage. This writer can not call the wanton slaughter of the old, disabled and poor courageous by any stretch of the imagination. While one can debate the motivations of the terrorist Ryan the impact of his policies have little room for debate. Ryan and his staff have little or not interest in answering any questions as to how he arrived at the policies he promotes or the assumptions he specified to the CBO in their evaluation of the policies. This became apparent when I contacted his office yesterday asking for the specifications provided to the CBO which were specifically stated to be constraints they were required to use in evaluating his plan.

With the resent arrests of Ryan constituents at town hall meetings and paid speeches another question has come to the front and that is just who is this merchant of death representing? It has become clear it is not the people of his district and it is up to them to remove this terrorist before he can do permanent harm not only to them but the country.

While it is considered to be in bad form to draw comparisons between the leadership of Germany prior to WWII and during that period I will say this. That leadership showed more compassion than the terrorist Ryan does. The terrorist Ryan would allow no force the old, disabled, and the poor to die a slow and agonizing death. As Mr. Drath put it “You might as well but a gun to my head” at least that would show some mercy.