My Response to the Terrorist Eric Cantor (Terrorist Va.)

Today Rep. Eric Cantor (Terrorist Va.) had an opinion peice in the Washington Post entitled “removing the obstacles to economic growth” . In this Opinon peice Terrorist Cantor displays once again that GOP terrorist have little or no respect for the truth or for that matter even a passing aqantiance with the truth. So lets take a look at some of the statements made by the terrorist Cantor and the truth behind them.

Rep. Cantor (terrorist Va.) starts off with this statement “Our country is facing two related but separate crises. The first is the federal government’s debt crisis, the result of decades of fiscal mismanagement by both political parties as well as unsustainable entitlement commitments.” Here the terrorist Cantor states that the current “debt crisis” is the result of decades of fiscal mismanagement. The truth is that when George W. Bush “shrub” (terrorist Tx) took office through judicial appointment in 2001 this country was in fact paying down the national debt. So any fiscal mismanagement leading to the current “debt crises” lays solely at the feet of the GOP terrorist. Second our “unsustainable entitlement commitments” have not added a single penny to the debt with the possable exception of Medicare part D (also a creation of the GOP terrorist). The current jobs crises is also a creation of the GOP terorist including Eric Cantor himself starting with the Bush wealth transfer of 2001 were instead of continueing to pay down the debt heald by the public and then start on returning funds to the Social Security system, these terrorist transfered surplus funds from the Social Security system to  the top .01% of the country over the objections of people such as Warren Buffet. After engaging in this wealth transfer (by the way unpaid for and done under budget reconciliation thus the 10 exparation date), these GOP terrorist created a new program Medicare part D (although benifital unpaid for) again pushing aside all warnings about it’s possable effect in the future. In fact the GOP terrorists held the vote of Medicare part D open for over three hours past the time allocated for the vote in order to pass it something that had never been done before or sence (shows the complete disregard for the rules that these terrorist have). So as I have demonstrated the current “debt crises” is not a decades long problem but a problem created within the last decade and created by the GOP terrorist and those terrorist alone. While I can go on and provide even more examples as to why this is a GOP terrorist creation beating a dead horse provides no advantage.

Moving on to the next statement of import by the terrorist Eric Cantor. In this oped this terrorist states that the message from President Obama to business is this “we want to make it harder to create jobs.” as justification for this statement the terrorist Cantor cites what is called the “Transport Rule,” this is a new rule being issued by the EPA in order to meet the requirements of a court ruling dealing with air pollution that crosses state lines. It appears that the terrorist Cantor believes that it is acceptable for the citizens of one state to inflict harm on another state through the pollution of the air. As has been demonstrated with the reactor melt down in Japan because the air is polluted in one location does not mean that the pollution remains in that location. While I understand that terrorist such as Eric Cantor do not believe in science and such things as air currents the fact remains that science is real and has been and continues to be demonstrated time and time agian with proven results, unlike the economic theories being promoted by the GOP terrorist the movements of air can be demonstrated and the experiments repeated with consitant results. So according to the terrorist Cantor despite the fact that the citizens of lets say Pa. may suffer harm do to pollution generated in say Mo. any attempt to address this is an unjustified over reaching burden on job creators. The one thing I have never heard from these terrorist is any concern for the voters, or the population in general the only thing that they seem to be concern with are the few who can provide millions of dollars to there campains and thus extract millions of dollars from the nation to their benifit.

While I would like to address every point in the terrorist Cantors oped it would require pages upon pages to demonstrate that he is not only ignorant but willfully ignorant and is nothing more than as I have and will continue to maintain an Economic Terrorist.

After reading the terrorist Cantor’s oped should any of my readers feel that thier is some point I should address that I did not get to feel free to e-mail me and I will attempt to address that point and provide My insite.