Republicans are Engaging in Economic Terrorism

The Republicans in Congress have been engaging in Economic Terrorism for the last six months in particular the 81 freshman congressman. These freshman like Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Ks)believe that the destruction they are inflicting on the country is justified. Rep. Pompeo is every bit of a terrorist as Osama Ben-laden, in fact Rep. Pompeo along with his cohorts are a greater danger to this country than Osama Ben-Laden ever was and will cause more destruction and damage to this country than those who brought down the world trade center.

Their demand that a balanced buget Amendment to the Constitution not only be voted on but it must be passed by both chambers of Congress and sent to the States before they will agree to release the country they are holding hostage. If this is not an act of terrorism then there is no such thing as terrorism.

The fact that the Speaker of the House John “It’s My Party” Beohner, Rep. David Dreier, Rep. Paul “Emperor” Ryan, Rep. Eric Cantor and the list goes on not only support but in fact encourage this type of Terrorism shows that Republicans are not capable of leading but are an emanate threat to this country.

This country is headed for a depression totally created by the Republicans and their engagement in economic terrorism and should they be successful using these terrorist tactics with the debt limit where will they use this terrorist tactic next? What will the next Constitutional Amendment demand be? Will it be A Constitutional Amendment defining marriage?, A Constitutional Amendment outlawing abortion? You pick the issue and the Republicans will attempt to hold the country hostage until they get the demanded Amendment. During my life time the Republicans have demanded at least 70 deferant Amendments to the Constitution covering every aspect of American life in an attempt to shape society to their vision of government by the corporation and the “Evangelical” movement. Every civil right or personal right is in jeopardy.

The bottom line is the Republican party has become nothing more than another terrorist organization every bit as dangerious to this country as Al-quata.