Michele Bachmann is a fraud

I just got off the phone with the congressional office Michele Bachmann and got the usual Republican two step. If any of the readers have watch Rep. Bachmann over the past years ,months, weeks and days they know how she likes to trout out her foster care children. The problem comes when she is asked to provide specifics. Now while I can not speak for you the reader and only Myself the term raised implies from an early age to adulthood. For example I raised  three children of My own and that was from birth until adult hood. Now in that I am not saying I did not have problems. I did. I have also raised or helped to raise two other children as my partner had two children when we started our relationship some 11+ years ago. Those children were 10 and 11 at the time. I will leave it to the reader to determine if I raised them.

So here are the questions for Rep. Bachmann.

1. How do you define raised? they were in your home for a day, week, month, year, multiple years?

2.How much were you paid by the state to have these children in your home?

3.How much free labor did you and your family gain from these foster children?

4.You only had a foster care licence for 7.5 years. By what standard can you claim to have raised 23 foster children? Again this goes back to question 1. The simple  presents of a child or teen for that matter in some one’s home does not constitute raising. The mere provision of providing shelter, food, and clothing for which you are receiving compensation from the state does not constitute raising

I can come to only one conclusion Michele Bachmann is at the very least untruthful. Now for My readers I consider shading the truth or telling a half truth to be the same as a lie. I have come to the conclusion that Michele Bachmann is not only ignorant but is a pathological lire. It is time for you to make your own determination. Should Ms. Bachmann’s office ever see fit to respond to My questions and determinations I will give them a full hearing but the indications I received from her office were, We are in our own little word do not confuse us with facts.

Have a nice day everyone I will.