Charlie Dent (R-15 Pa) still hiding

It appears the Charlie Dent (R-15 Pa) is still hiding from the general constituents. Unlike his partners in crime Charlie has not held a single town hall meeting during this latest two week vacation. Charlie has held office hours in several location during this period where Charlie can select those whom he wants to grant an audience and hear from only those who support his desire to kill off Medicare and Medicaid.

I wounder if the experiences of Representative Ryan (R-Wi) and others have anything to do with Charlie’s unwillingness to address the voters of the 15th Congressional District of Pennsylvania? I find it interesting that while Dent does not have time for his constituents he does have time for the Ambassador of Germany. Now don’t get me wrong this tour of the Lehigh Valley may have provided some marginal benefit to the Valley it does not relieve Charlie of his responsibilities to the public he took an oath to serve.

On Tuesday Charlie will return to the warm embrace of his partners in crime in the Republican controlled house, the loving arms of his true masters Grover Norquest and the Koch Brothers. All without ever addressing the concerns and questions of those who he is truly suppose to represent. The 15th Congressional District is and has been without true representation in Congress during the entire tenure of Charlie Dent. This man is bought and paid for and the evidence is out there some where. It maybe time to start an investigation into Charlie Dent.

Charlie Dent it is time to stop hiding and answer questions or resign.