Speaker Boehner does not have control of the House

I just got off the phone with the office of House Speaker Boehner’s office where I asked several questions related to the up coming shut down of the government and pending legislation. When I asked about pending legislation I was informed that Speaker Boehner was not in control of the Republican agenda but in fact majority leader Cantor was. This mind you came from the speakers office.

If the speaker of the house does not control the agenda of the house and is not making the decisions as to what legislation to advance of what use is this figure head monarch?

While I had numerous other questions to ask the speakers office i.e. where are the jobs promised by the extension of the Bush tax reductions, Why we are still purchasing powdered milk(I was able to ask this question. If you should be wondering why do you remember a thing called the Freedom to Farm Act?). I asked in all this cutting that is being put fourth why none of it effects the business community and their subsidies i.e. welfare or groups that exist to support “Free Trade” that receive over 50% of their budget from federal grants? Every reduction that has been advanced by the “Republicans” A.K.A. The GOP “My GOD ONLY PARTY” is a direct attack on the middle class and poor of this country. There has not been one single cut advanced to a single organization that supports the “MY GOD ONLY PARTY’ A.K.A. The Republican Party or GOP.

Here is My call to the “Republicans” if you truly believe that the salvation of this country requires the enslavement of the masses and the depression of wages for the advantage of the top 1% then stand for the courage of your convictions and shut the Government down until you achieve your goals.

You have done this in the past although on a limited scale i.e. I remember while I was serving in the Army at least two time when I was not paid on time. To the determent of My family, because the “Republicans” could not or would not pass an appropriation bill. Then there was the shut down under Speaker Newt Gingrich this caused pain on countless poor, disabled, and middle class. But there are principles worth the short term cost. So I say to the “Republicans” it is time to step up to the plate. If you truly believe that the poor and middle class are lazy, If you truly believe in the Leona Helmsley principle of “We don’t pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes.” Then shut the Government down.

Shut the Government down and attempt to convince the American public that it is being done for the benefit of the whole and not the benefit of the few. Shut the Government down and tell the country that you stole the Social Security surplus and gave it to the top 1% in the form of tax reductions and now must default on the special bonds issued to Social Security. Tell the country that they must now accept third world wages while paying first world prices so that the “Job Creators” can increase their wealth, while transferring the burden of Government to them and relieving them of any burden at all.

Speaker Boehner or should I say Speaker Cantor shut it down and shut it down now.