Yet another closed Rule

Despite the promise of an open debate and amendment process the House Rules Committee passed yet another closed rule. This time one the extension of the Patriot Act and other provisions designed to thwart the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution. This closed rule was passed out of the Rules committee in emergency session in all of 18 minutes. So much for an open process.

Representative Dreier has yet to bring forward an open Rule and based on the video of this hearing, the fourth rules committee hearing has all but said that their will not be an open rule coming out of the rules committee.

The Patriot Act has had serious Constitutional questions from it’s inception and still does. The new GOP majority passed a rule stating that all legislation must be accompanied by a statement of Constitutional Authority for the legislation but try and find a copy. The extension of the Patriot Act H.R. 514 again reported out of the Rules Committee in it’s fourth Closed Rule on a Party line vote. Again for the fourth time. Appears not to have this required statement. I contacted the Rules Committee, The Judiciary Committee, Representive Sensenbrenner’s (the person responsible for filing the required statement) office, and My own Representative’s (Representative Dent) office in an attempt to find this statement of Constitutional Authority to suspend the Probable Cause Requirement of the Fourth Amendment. It appears that this Required statement is no where to be found and may have never been filed as required.

It appears that this may be nothing more than another fraud being perpetrated upon the American public by the GOP in their quest for power.