Break out the Vaseline

Being old has it’s advantages and disadvantages one of those advantages or disadvantages is a long memory. For example I remember a little thing called Love Canal for those to young to remember Love Canal was a toxic chemical dump site in New York which was latter sold to a school board and contaminated the whole community. I am also old enough to remember the Savings and Loan bailout which cost the U.S. 87.9 Billion Dollars and in recent history the current bank and Wall Street bail outs. There is a funny thing about the S&L Bail out and the current bank bail out both of them occurred under a Bush. To be fair to the senior Bush as opposed to shrub. The senior Bush was blind sided by the policies of the GOP hero Ronald Regan.

So by now your asking yourself, What is the point? The point is that all of these event occurred due to irresponsible deregulation or the absent of regulation in the first place.

Left to their own devices corporations and business in general will always select the cheapest or most profitable alternativein any given situation. This not to fault business after all the purpose of business is to make a profit. The problem comes in when the interest of business is not in the interest of the public as a whole.

The GOP just passed H.R. 72 in the house due to the fact that this bill only effects the House and it’s procedures it does not require Senate approval or the signature of the President. To ensure it’s passage Representative Dreier and Representative Sessions with all GOP members of the Rules committee marching in a lock step that would have made Adolf or Stalin proud brought this bill to the floor under a closed Rule, This was despite the fact that during the rules committee hearing amendments to the rule were offered that both Dreier and Sessions acknowledged had merit.

H.R. 72 is a bill directing the house committees to remove regulations that they say impedes job growth. Now where in the floor debate or in the debate by the rules committee were consumers, children, or the general public mentioned. The only concern expressed was business. So what does business want? While I addressed some of the desires of Business in My post Elections have consequences. I will reiterated them here.

1. End to minimum wage.

2. End of wage and hour standards i.e. 40 work week.

3. Freedom to pollute.

4. Elimination of liability regardless of who the kill.

So America unless you are in the top 3% all I have to say is break out the Vaseline bend over and grab your ankles becouse the GOP is about to screw you.