GOP incapable of truth

Today the GOP brought to the floor of the house HR 54 this resolution are the rules of debate on HR 359 to end public funding of presidential elections. The GOP claim that HR 54 is an open rule. Rep. Woodall (R Ga) took to the floor today claiming along with Rep. Dreier (R Ca), and Rep. Foxx (R Nc) claim that this is an open rule but the rule it’s self states that it is “under a modified open rule”. As I have previously stated a half truth is the same as a lie. Making a statement that is not entirely true with the intent to deceive is a lie. Rep. Foxx claims that the American People have demanded that this program be eliminated through the You Cut web site. While watching the debate the number of people casting a vote for this is not mentioned while it has been shown that at least 10 million Americans have made use of this check off. The bill that this rule is aimed at states that last year 7% of Americans made use of the check off. What percentage of the American population do the GOP claim are calling for the elimination of this program.

This is nothing more than a GOP attack on third party candidates who in most cases do not have access to the deep pocket contributors that the major parties do, but can influence an election. The GOP still blames Ross Parot for defeat of Daddy Bush. The GOP also promised that all the committee hearing would be available on line at least 72 hours prior to the vote. The hearings on this bill were held yesterday and the video of the hearing was not available until just now. The GOP while claiming a fair and open process have been doing nothing but playing the biggest bad ass on the block in the rules committee. This is the third bill to move through the committee with the rule receiving nothing but GOP votes for the rule.

But this will make a good press release and provide the illusion of achievement should this bill pass it will cut 617 million from the budget over 10 years according to documents submitted to the rules committee. So assuming an equal distribution over the 10 year period that will be 61.7 million this fiscal year of the promised 100 billion in cuts so were will the other 99.4 (rounded) billion come from?

One must ask them  why are members of the GOP incapable of opening their mouth without telling a lie, half truth, or misleading?