Leaders of Health Care Repeal.

With everything that has been going on in the middle-east and the GOP’s attacks on the everything that has been done in the last two years. I thought I would take a look at the leaders from the states leading the charge.

Those in the lead of seeking health care repeal think they have a better answer so how have those states but their theories into  action.

The GOP is demanding that a woman give birth but what happens after birth well here are the leaders in infant mortality in 2005.

1. Mississippi (The GOP Governor was A GOP insider and is thinking of running for President.)

2. Louisiana (GOP rising stare also looking at running for President)

3. South Carolina (GOP Senator Jim Demint need I say more)

4. Alabama (GOP State)

5. Delaware (Christine McDonald need I say more?)

6. Tennessee (GOP)

7. North Carolina

8. Ohio

9. Georgia

10. West Virginia

Is anyone noticing a pattern here?  Eight out of the top ten states in infant mortality are in the south. These states also rank lowest in number of doctors per 100,000 in population.

It should be noted that the states that would benefit the most from health care reform are the very states that are leading the charge to repeal health care reform. In a post that will come latter I will discuss the GOP Pro-death agenda.