What to expect in 2011

Now that the Republicans have taken control of the House and a number of Senate seats, what can we expect come January 20, 2011?

The Republicans have been telling us for years what they envision for the country. I believe that the best place to start would be to examine Congressman Paul Ryan’s “Road Map for America” this can be found at: http://www.roadmap.republicans.budget.house.gov/Plan/ 

In his road-map Congressman Ryan states “That all human beings are created with equal natural rights – to live, to be free, to acquire property and other means of seeking happiness, fulfilling human potential and satisfaction in one’s achievements. The very idea of “equal rights” implies that individuals’ results should differ from one another, because “justice” or “fairness” requires that each individual obtains what each has earned and merited.”

Lets take a look at the statement “”justice” or “fairness” requires that each individual obtains what each has earned and merited.” Where is the “justice”or “fairness” of taxing interest at 0% at the low end and 10% at the high end and then taxing wages at 10% at the low end and 35% at the high end. There is no merit in taxing income at different rates based on it’s source. The Republicans have told us that they would prefer not to tax interest income and income derived from financial transactions i.e. the sale of stocks, bonds, paintings, etc. at all. That leaves only wages to be taxed. This income is not earned or merited at least as express in Congressman Ryan’s statement.

The road-map explains that the Republicans plan on increasing the deficit and eliminating Social Security. The elimination of Social Security is to occur by 2070.

This is a starting point for discussion. While I did not go into great detail in this post about what the Republicans have in store for the country I will be giving My analysis of each section of the road map in future posts.

For the flamers: I am not picking on the Republicans but the constitution clearly states that all tax and spend legislation must originate in the House and the House will be controlled by the Republicans so the ball is now in their court, and because the ball is now in their it is only fair to examine what they have in mind.