It’s all about trust

As those who read this blog on a regular basis know I spend a lot of time reading well today I came across a report on the Concord Coalition web site that states this in no uncertain terms (The Concord Coalition is as close to a bi-partican think tank as you can come at this point in time). That the American people are ready, willing and Able to engage in a real and open discussion of the deficit and prepared to engage in real solutions to the problem and will reject not only the Ryan plan but any plan that is based on political theocracy. The reports titled is “Changing Expectations:Americans deliberate our nation’s finances and future.” and was released in September of 2008. You can find the report for you own reading here: . While there are a couple of organizations involved in this study that I am unfamiliar with I do know that the Heritage Foundation one of the Sponsors of this study is as “Conservative as you can get.

What this study clearly shows is that the American public is not only willing but ready to but willing and able to take on the deficit but not in the form that Rep. Paul “The Emperor” Ryan (R-Wi) and his cohorts like Rep. Charlie “The Cockroach” Dent (R-Pa) have in mind. What exactly did this report find well lets take a look at some of the findings.

On Medicare and Social Security the report found the following: 

• Many felt the logical place to begin was
to focus more on prevention, disease
management, wellness, and palliative
care – participants strongly agreed that
such steps would improve people’s
quality of life as well as save money
over time.
• Participants also supported allowing
Medicare to leverage its purchasing
power to negotiate better prices for
prescription drugs.
• Most supported limiting experimental
treatments and covering only services
that have been scientifically proven
most effective (63% support). This was
supported by similar margins among
participants of all ages and incomes.

Now I do not find vouchers or price subsided or for that matter anything close to the Emperor Ryan’s proposal. A precondition for supporting any of these reforms was to increase the accountability and transparency
• Ensuring that FICA taxes are used only to fund Medicare and Social Security.
• Enhancing transparency and reporting so taxpayers can “follow the money.”
• Strengthening oversight through watchdog groups. Again these preconditions are absent from Emperor Ryan’s plan. While I could go through the whole report line by line the better option is for the readers to read the report on their own. The public is read to engage in a frank and open discussion on Budget Policy so it is time for the Republicans to stop the scams i.e. You Cut , Stop engaging in extortion over the debt limit, Stop engaging in Ideology and start engaging the people.

While I have just covered one small section of the report here i.e. Medicare. There were also recommendations on Social Security, Defense and other Budget Policy areas. Real Solutions from real people it is time for Emperor Ryan, Charlie “The Cockroach” Dent , David “Show Me the Money” Camp and the rest of the Republican majority in the House to Stop playing game, listening to the elites, and start listening to the people.